On our way to GAFCON

We’re on our way to GAFCON. The trip from Chicago was long, and to be honest, disorienting. We took off around 9pm CST and were served dinner probably an hour later. Afterwards, we were served tea and coffee. (More on the food later)Then, we sped off into the night, which became dawn somewhere over the Atlantic, west of Iceland. For most of us on the flight, this was night time and so the plane was dark and full of sleeping people. People generally started stirring (though some, like my traveling companion and fellow delegate and seminarian, Phil) were already awake and watching the in-flight entertainment, when breakfast was served somewhere over southern Turkey and Northern Iraq.

The disorienting aspect here is that soon after having breakfast, it started getting dark, and was completely dark by the time we landed and the flight attendants said “Good Night” as we climbed down to the shuttle buses.

Our next flight leaves at 2:30 am here in Doha, Qatar. That’s 6:30 pm in Wisconsin. We get into Nairobi at 5:30. At this point, I’m hoping to get into the hotel ASAP.

More to come.