“The love of the Liturgy and the Love of the Least of These”

There’s an interesting article over at The AngloCatholic:¬†The Anglican Patrimony: The Love of the Liturgy and the Love of the Least of These

But I say to you, and I say it to you with all the earnestness that I have, that if you are prepared to fight for the right of adoring Jesus in his Blessed Sacrament, then you have got to come out from before your Tabernacle and walk, with Christ  mystically present in you, out into the streets of this country, and find the same Jesus in the people of your cities and your villages. You cannot claim to worship Jesus in the Tabernacle, if you do not pity Jesus in the slum.

We have to allow ourselves to be transformed by God’s grace. If we go to mass Sunday after Sunday and we aren’t transformed, then we have missed the point. I’m not by any means embracing the “social gospel”, but I think that being part of the Christian Community entails loving and caring for one’s neighbor.