“Welby’s Doomsday warning to feuding church”

The Archbishop of Canterbury has compared the Communion to a drunk man, walking near the edge of a cliff. Courtesy of the Telegraph:

“In his most stark comments yet about divisions over issues such as homosexuality, the Most Rev Justin Welby said the Church is coming perilously close to plunging into a “ravine of intolerance”.

He even drew parallels between the crisis afflicting the 77 million-strong network of Anglican churches and the atmosphere during the English Civil War. [I can see that.]

And he likened the collective behaviour of the church to a “drunk man” staggering ever closer to edge of a cliff.

Yet he added that many of the issues over which different factions in the church are fighting are simply “incomprehensible” to people outside it. [Possibly because we’ve done a poor job catechizing those in our parishes, much less those outside. But also, our values aren’t supposed to be the values of the world. Conflicts over women’s ordination and same sex marriage don’t make sense if sacraments and scriptures aren’t part of your metanarrative.]

His comments came during a recent sermon in Monterrey, Mexico, which he was visited as part of a plan to travel to every province of the Anglican Communion at the start of his ministry.”

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Do you think his comparison is overly dramatic? Or, are there indeed similarities between the Pre-Civil War church and the modern church?