Jobs has done it again.

Once again, he created a device that has so many uses that we didn’t know about before he created the device.

Here are a couple of interesting articles. The first is about how the iPad will be used by children. Notable points I think are the 10 hour battery life in the car trip and splattering digital paint.

This article is talking about the second “kindle killer”. Macmillian, one of the “big six” american publishers, has pulled its titles from Amazon’s

This next one is the same as the first, but for teens.

Finally, for college students. I think this is the most important article here, mostly because I can see the way this would affect education.
The iPad is more useful than an iPhone, more mobile than a macbook. Imagine one device that you can use to take notes in class, carry around the stacks in a library, type a paper while on the bus to the swamp (geology field trip) and then use the maps application to mark the locations of whatever geologic formation you’re studying. Obviously, it needs updating. But that will happen. iPhone OS 4 and all.


PS: more to follow about use in college.