Sundry things such as Greek and Prayer… (though only one prayer in Greek!)

One of my classes this semester is Greek. Our aim is to have enough knowledge of Greek that we will be able to do basic exegesis, use a Concordance and dictionary, and be able to attempt further study of the language (as many students do in the following two semesters of Greek that are offered).

One of the first hurdles is learning the alphabet. The video below contains a song that we have used that has been quite helpful.

Church Music is another class with new skills to learn. We are learning the basics of keyboarding, as well as how to do Anglican Chant. While I don’t think we will do this in chapel:

we do do this three times a week:



This academic journey is complements a spiritual journey. Nashotah’s emphasis on formation finds us all in the Chapel twice a day for Morning Prayer, Mass, and Evensong. Every day. Even during weekends, summers, and times when students are not on campus, the Offices and Mass are said day in and day out. Nashotah breathes prayer. The Rosary is said twice a week by the Society of St. Mary. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is offered on Wednesday Nights for those who want to attend. Professors begin class with prayer. The Angelus rings three times a day. The Benedictine way of life, as I have said before, teaches us to serve our neighbor. Our work crew assignments take us out into our community, cleaning buildings or repairing gutters or painting fences. It was this last task I found myself doing today.

Here are a couple of pictures to show you various parts of Nashotah’s campus.



Playing the waiting game is hard sometimes, especially when you don’t know what ‘s around the corner. I’m currently waiting for word about this fall. I have applied for admission to Nashotah House Theological Seminary, as an M.Div student. I have also applied for postulancy in the Diocese of the Holy Cross. Everything is in on both counts, we are simply waiting to find out where we will be this fall. Once we know that, we can begin to make preparations- reserving a moving van, registering our son for Kindergarten, packing. Right now, it’s just hurry up (the application process) and wait (waiting). So, we wait, and continue to go through life, waiting for God’s guidance, living out our lives as Christians and Parents as best we can.


My papers are as follows:

Liturgical and Spiritual Implications of the Shoah: An examination of how the Shoah has affected modern Christian and Jewish Spirituality.

Development of Eucharistic Doctrine

Christian usage of the seven Deuterocanonical Books

Lots of reading going on. Several different books for school, and then a couple that I’m reading on the side: The Practice of the Presence of God and the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

In the lectionary right now the readings are somewhat more regular than before the Epiphany Octave. Mostly Ezekiel and the Epistles. (Ephesians and Philipians.) This is one thing about the lectionary that I don’t understand. I would think that Ezekiel would be more suited for Septuagesimatide/Lent. I haven’t studied the lectionary itself very much, so I dont understand the rationale for this. Any thoughts?