Sundry things such as Greek and Prayer… (though only one prayer in Greek!)

One of my classes this semester is Greek. Our aim is to have enough knowledge of Greek that we will be able to do basic exegesis, use a Concordance and dictionary, and be able to attempt further study of the language (as many students do in the following two semesters of Greek that are offered).

One of the first hurdles is learning the alphabet. The video below contains a song that we have used that has been quite helpful.

Church Music is another class with new skills to learn. We are learning the basics of keyboarding, as well as how to do Anglican Chant. While I don’t think we will do this in chapel:

we do do this three times a week:



This academic journey is complements a spiritual journey. Nashotah’s emphasis on formation finds us all in the Chapel twice a day for Morning Prayer, Mass, and Evensong. Every day. Even during weekends, summers, and times when students are not on campus, the Offices and Mass are said day in and day out. Nashotah breathes prayer. The Rosary is said twice a week by the Society of St. Mary. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is offered on Wednesday Nights for those who want to attend. Professors begin class with prayer. The Angelus rings three times a day. The Benedictine way of life, as I have said before, teaches us to serve our neighbor. Our work crew assignments take us out into our community, cleaning buildings or repairing gutters or painting fences. It was this last task I found myself doing today.

Here are a couple of pictures to show you various parts of Nashotah’s campus.


Required Reading! (And Suggested Reading) and Community

We stopped by the mailbox on our way to the grocery store today and discovered a very large, thick envelope from Nashotah. Contained therein was an enormous amount of information, some we were expecting and some we were not, but were nevertheless glad to receive. Our housing assignment for this fall and lease, as well as pet regulations, move-in tips, housing policies and similar documents made up a large part of the packet. The Greek Alphabet also received  its own handout. Additionally, three books, which I am required to read, arrived as well. Other books, which are not required but are nevertheless suggested, were contained in a document from the faculty.

Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the first book. It is the story of Bonhoeffer’s experience with the men of an underground seminary in Nazi Germany.

Second and third are  Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict and The Rule of St. Benedict in English. The first is a commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict, the pre-eminent rule among Western Monastics. The Rule has greatly impacted the way of life at The House, which is guided by daily prayer, daily study, and daily work. All are done as a community. See here for more information on Nashotah’s Benedictine Life.

I have a lot of reading to do before this fall, when I will surely have more and more reading to do.