My papers are as follows:

Liturgical and Spiritual Implications of the Shoah: An examination of how the Shoah has affected modern Christian and Jewish Spirituality.

Development of Eucharistic Doctrine

Christian usage of the seven Deuterocanonical Books

Lots of reading going on. Several different books for school, and then a couple that I’m reading on the side: The Practice of the Presence of God and the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

In the lectionary right now the readings are somewhat more regular than before the Epiphany Octave. Mostly Ezekiel and the Epistles. (Ephesians and Philipians.) This is one thing about the lectionary that I don’t understand. I would think that Ezekiel would be more suited for Septuagesimatide/Lent. I haven’t studied the lectionary itself very much, so I dont understand the rationale for this. Any thoughts?