Holy Orders Task Force Report

The ACNA Holy Orders Task Force has completed its study and issued its final report. The Announcement may be read here, along with an admonition from their Archbishop:

As your Archbishop, I ask the following from you:

1) Don’t comment on the report until you have read it all.
2) Don’t comment on the report until you can fairly articulate the opposite point of view.
3) Remember that no decisions have been made at this time to pursue changing our
4) Remember that we are all followers of Jesus Christ on mission together, holding those
with the opposite point of view in Christian love and charity.
5) Lastly, sincerely pray for your bishops as we seek to serve Jesus Christ in this matter.


I think the Archbishop’s requests are reasonable. Though I’m not subject to his jurisdiction, I will go along and not comment here on this report until I’ve had a chance to read through it, though I won’t avoid the issue if it comes up.



One thought on “Holy Orders Task Force Report

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