Quid est?

I’ve been pondering what exactly to do with this blog. I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve had lots going on. And given that I am a millennial, I am both concerned with privacy and also live my life online. What a dichotomy.

There are a number of bloggers and Youtubers that I regularly follow. It’s a good way for interacting with the modern world, and with engaging with others, particularly those with whom you are not necessarily in close geographic proximity. But what do I want to be?

Probably, what I’ll end up doing is something similar Fr. Zuhlsdorf, though I won’t try to copy him per se, because he’s doing his own thing. Not to mention that he and I have different opinions on some things.

So, we shall see.


PS. I have some things up my sleeve that I haven’t revealed yet. They’ll be coming.


One thought on “Quid est?

  1. I’m glad to see you have resumed your posting. While we are in different provinces of the Anglican Church, and I assume, have some different viewpoints, it is always nice to read insight from someone young who has been called to serve. I look forward to your continued postings, and the opportunity to learn from your insight.

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