The fourth day of GAFCON was taken up, business wise, by continuing the seminars we have been in this week. As I said yesterday, I will cover the contents on my seminar in a later post, once I have the chance to absorb and consider it all.

Yesterday afternoon, we took an excursion to Nairobi National Park, which is a large game park on the outskirts of the City of Nairobi. I managed to get one of my two requested pictures for my son, a giraffe. Sadly, all the elephants had been taken to the wildlife orphanage in another part of the park. I managed to get good pictures some other animals, including zebras, ostriches, and hippos. Overall, the park was beautiful and it was nice to get out of the Cathedral and to see some of Nairobi on the way to and from the park.

After our safari, we went to the Carnivore restaurant for the gala dinner. It was a very nice and well done dinner in an open air tent, with Kenyan dancers performing traditional dances. I had a good time, sitting with the San Joaquin delegation and some others.

Tomorrow, we work on the draft statement which the conference will issue.


One thought on “GAFCON Day 4

  1. I really don’t get it. From the Communique, they are Evangelical and Catholic, those who ordain women and those who would refuse to, and they want to split the Communion over the issue of whether homosexuality is ever acceptable. Is this not straining at a gnat?

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