The third day of GAFCON began with Morning Prayer according to the usage of the Anglican Church in North America, with their Texts for Common Prayer, recently released. Following this, an Australian priest continued our study of Ephesians, talking about Chapter 2.

Tea, of course, was served. The Kenyans seem to place a large social emphasis on drinking tea together, and at least here at the conference, have been putting a large effort. There are no disposable cups in sight, and there are saucers and cookies (ahem… Biscuits) in abundance.

I spent Day 3 in the Islam seminar with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. There is much to say and much to think about. I plan on doing a separate post at the end of the conference about Nazir-Ali’s seminar.

Some general observations:

1-My own Anglican tradition, Anglo-Catholicism, isn’t a major player at GAFCON. The Anglican Church of Nigeria is High Church, and conservative with the Prayer Book, but Evangelical Anglicanism seems to be almost universal. Indeed, there was a small workshop on reconciling Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics on Monday, a fact to which much surprise was expressed by some delegates.

2- There is no agreed position on Women in Orders. Kenya ordains women. Nigeria does not. North America is still discerning this. Those of you who know me know my position.

3-Part of the East African Revival was holiness of life, particularly among clergy. One of the disciplines that clergy in this part of the world observe is complete abstinence from smoking and alcohol. Some of our delegations have observed this. Some have not.

Tomorrow, we visit Nairobi National Park. I am on assignment to bring back a picture of a giraffe and an Elephant for my son.

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