Church Websites

Church websites are an interesting thing. Some churches don’t see the need for them. Others put a great deal of effort (and sometimes money) into their site. Take for example, Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Il or St. Peter’s Tallahassee, FL. I’m not going to say that having a website is a magical key to parish growth- it, like any tool, has to be used wisely. But, I think they help. I know that when we moved to Wisconsin, the way we looked for a church was by searching “anglican” in Google maps for this area. We then looked at the websites and made a choice about visiting based on that.

One of the tasks I was given as part of my field assignment was the redesign on Holy Apostle’s website. It’s given me an appreciation for the development of website content and how a church’s website helps to determine the “brand”, so to speak, of a particular parish. This is the website I have built: Holy Apostles Anglican Church

I will be adding more content as it is developed. Any comments? Ideas? Criticisms?

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