Anglican 1000 (post 1)

This is the first in a series of posts from Anglican 1000, the Anglican Church in North America Church Planting Conference. (Pictures will be posted after the fact.) 



Last Night, we had the opening Eucharist and sermon by Archbishop Duncan. This morning, we had Morning Prayer and some time to mill around and discuss things with each other and the various venders that are present. The group I’m traveling with made a special stop this morning, eating breakfast  at Chik-Fil-A before we got to Church of the Resurrection, the parish in Wheaton, IL where the conference is being held.


Observations thus far:

1- ACNA seems to be incredibly Evangelical/Charismatic.

2- ACNA still ordains women as priests (in some dioceses) and deacons (some dioceses).

3- There are a lot of young people, both clerical and lay here. They probably outnumber older persons. Furthermore, the gathering seems to be very diverse, both in terms of gender and national origin.


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