Septuagesimatide is nearly over. Yesterday was Quinquagesima, tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday.  And then, with the end of Compline, begins the season of Lent.

I’ve had minimal difficulty this year, thinking about my lenten devotions. I say the office nearly every day, and I am now obligated to say it anyway, so that does not count. There is no Mass available for me to attend, save on sundays, so that is out.

So, that’s what I cant do. Here’s what I can (and am):

1) Abstaining from Red meat and carbonated beverages for the entirety of Lent, and white meat on all days except:

Sundays: In honor of the Ressurection

Thursdays: In honor of the Eucharist

Saturdays: In honor of the Blessed Mother

with the caveat, that if there exists a viable alternative, I will use it. I do this because I am not in control of my food supply. Sodexho is, and I doubt they cater to my religious practices.

2) Recitation of the Jesus Prayer Office, or at least my rendition of it.

3) Reading, when able, The Practice of the Presence of God.